RoboBoat 2020


  • Mechanical

    • Length: 1 m

    • Beam: 0.75 m

    • Mass: 30 kg

    • Maximum Thrust: 73 N

  • Components

    • Thrusters: Blue Robotics T200

    • Power System: Li-4S 14.8V 18Ah

    • Teleoperation: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus

    • Processor: NVIDIA Jetson TX2

    • LiDAR: Velodyne VLP-16

    • INS: VectorNav VN-300

    • Camera: ZED Camera

    • Hydrophones: Teledyne TC4013, Aquarian H1C

    • RF Modules: Digi XTend

  • Software

    • ROS Interface

    • Python, C++

Work Done

  • Development of an adaptive sliding mode controller for speed and heading control

  • Implementation of a time-varying look-ahead distance line-of-sight guidance law for path-following control

  • Improvement of the USV-station communications

  • Reorganization of the overall software architecture of the system

  • Research in AI methods for guidance and control

  • Development of 3D vision-based guidance methods for RoboBoat task solutions

  • Development of a simulation environment for digital twin testing

  • Collision avoidance strategy based on velocity obstacle method

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