RoboBoat 2019

Alejandro Gonzalez

A.K.A. Alex, The Captain.
He leads, he researches, he hopes he'll sleep more.

Oswaldo Garcia

A.K.A. Waldo, The COO.
He mentors, he flies, he hopes the drone doesn't drown.

Roberto Mendivil

A.K.A. Stark.
He connects, he tests, he hopes that nothing burns.

Ivana Collado

A.K.A. Tinker Bell.
She programs, she dances, she hopes she learns a lot.

Rodolfo Cuan

A.K.A. Fito.
He codes, he jokes, he hopes they think it works.

Melissa Sanchez

A.K.A. La Mel, The Mechanic.
She fixes, she drills, she hopes her vacations are not done.

Alonso Ugarte

A.K.A. Aquaman.
He echoes, he oscilloscopes, he hopes one hydro is enough.

Roberto Reyes

A.K.A. Robertifi.
He thinks, he helps, he hopes he answers all.

Alejandra Monsivais

A.K.A. Ale, The Mom.
She posts, she yells, she hopes she makes an impact.

Omar Valenzuela

A.K.A. OmarBebe.
He learns, he asks, he hopes he'll know one day.

Juan Carlos Velazquez de Leon

A.K.A. JC.
He drives, he talks, he hopes he'll understand and make.

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