Vanttec First Place Winners RoboBoat 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RoboBoat 2020 resorted to being celebrated online without an on-place competition and social-distancing measures encouraged.

As the country was put down on lockdown, VantTec continued operations throughout online meetings and deliveries through virtual testing and submitted to the RoboBoat 2020 competition resulting on these standings.


5th Place

The first time we reached the finals. The team finished in 5th place after a great performance in the qualifiers, but a malfunction of an on-board component during the finals meant the end of our momentum. Five minutes before going into the water, a component burn out of nowhere. The replacement of the component failed at the same time, as the code could not be uploaded. Then, the replacement of the replacement appeared to be working, just that it wasn't. As we put the vessel on the lake, we noticed our communication was not working, and our final run ended right there. However, we are proud of ourselves. We advanced miles in comparison to the previous years. Our technology and our team had evolved. Under the leadership of Alex, we became a solid group and our research started to bloom. We are ready for 2020.


Engineering Integrity

A prove of the hard-work and the heart of this team. RoboBoat 2018 came in a hard year, with majority of new members and young leaders, Alex González and Pedro Sánchez, first time in charge. This was a major challenge for the team. As all of the older members graduating, the team required to set the ground for further generations. What was the result? A second time competing internationally against top universities, going to Florida with all of our flaws to prove that we could keep on... And an award, because we did our best at being young engineers: researching, thinking, hard-working, and always with an amazing attitude and assisting others.


Special Drone Award

Our first time around. A rookie team filled with outstanding graduate and undergraduate students. Lead by Pedro Fonseca and Juan Carlos Aguilera, the team created a new tradition for Tec de Monterrey: RoboNation competitions. With less than 6 months of work, the team designed, built. and programmed the first Mexican robotic boat. But it didn't stop there, the team went on to compete and came back to Mexico with the first award of many, The reason? The only team capable of launching a UAV from the deck of a USV, both in autonomous mode.

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